About Us

Who We Are

Dale is natural born “relater”. No one is a stranger once he has made eye contact! His innate love for people served him well in the music industry but it was his desire to use his gifts to serve people that lead to his becoming an Ordained Pastor/Counselor and Business Life Coach with an M.A. degree in Organizational Leadership.

Venessa was destined to counsel. From her early teens she was the “Therapist” to all her friends. She was inspired to pursue psychology and specialized in Marriage and Family Therapy by receiving an M.A .Degree in counseling psychology and becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Additionally, she is a certified Master Life Coach. 

Together they have been married for 25yrs. and are building upon the legacy of their parents who have both had 50+ yrs. of successful marriage to change the culture and help marriages thrive.

Our Vision

We are committed to serving God by helping people maintain healthy relationships(marriage, familial,vocational, etc.) and teaching the wisdom of commitment. Our workshops, seminars and counseling sessions are designed to help individuals explore and define their expectations in their relationships in order to fully experience the joy that God desires for them to have. In addition, we work with singles to assist in developing a “Life Plan”. We are aware that the life you live when single has a significant impact on future relationships (marital & vocational).